Modern Business Leaders Confront New Challenges of Often-Slippery Sorts

Excellence in the modern world of business is not quite the static, stable thing it used to be. Today's boards are quicker than ever before to throw out executives who fail to achieve the goals set before them. While some few business leaders might get by on charisma and gravitas, most must focus on staying at the very cutting edge of the field. What that means in a great many cases is always developing new skills and looking for ways to perform at an even higher level. As a look at the Jim Tsokanos LinkedIn page will show, it also frequently means seeking out new opportunities that match up even better with an evolving set of skills.

In the case of the executive in question, this has meant a significant shift. Starting out, like many, from a relatively humble position in the corporate world, Tsokanos rightly set his sights higher. While rising steadily through the ranks over the early years of his career, he kept his eyes open for opportunities that would allow him to jump to an even higher level.

That steady focus and ambition eventually saw him being named President of a company for which he had worked for a number of years. While that might have seemed like an achievement in its own right, it was also quickly revealed to be a source of real challenge. As over a dozen organizations in the corporate hierarchy pursued their own goals and interests, the new leader was tasked with unifying them in a productive and never destructive way.

While the business press is filled with stories of what consolidation can enable and achieve, the focus tends to be on the acquisition of competitors by others. When an organization that has developed in more organic ways into a relatively fractured whole receives the same kind of attention, the associated challenges will often prove to be more formidable.

What the executive in this case therefore committed to from the start was making sure that whatever kind of alignment might be achieved would contribute to an even greater set of capabilities. While that is not always easy to arrange for, modern business leaders need to able to recognize and deliver on opportunities of these kinds.