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Top Considerations to Make When Buying an Exercise Bike Lots of people have considered making the exercise bike their first investment in home workout equipment. Exercise bikes are beginner friendly, pretty straightforward to work with, and relatively inexpensive. It is however important that you select a bike of the right type, quality, size, and features to meet your requirements. It's important that you do your homework beforehand, as buying a low quality bike will likely turn out to be a bad investment. This article highlights the major considerations you must keep in mind when choosing an exercise bike, so you can make a more informed decision. Type of bike
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Type often is the first consideration, and you can choose between the upright and recumbent bike here. The choice you make is ultimately down to your personal preferences as each types has its advantages and disadvantages. Save for being stationary, upright bikes are similar in appearance to ordinary bicycles. It's a great choice for nearly all types of rider. The recumbent bike is quite different however, with the pedals placed at the front of the machine, rather than at the bottom like it is with traditional bikes. In a workout, the rider lies in a reclining position and pedals with his/her feet at the front. Since the lower back is not under strain in the workout, recumbent bikes can be considered ideal for people with back problems.
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Height adjustments The ability to adjust your bike's height to people of different sizes is important, so find one that's flexible. Check to see if the seat fits well and is comfortable. If possible, be sure to test out the bike thoroughly so you know it's adjustable to fit your size, because exercise equipment that is uncomfortable to you will not be of much use to you. Adjustable intensity The best stationary bikes have a tension adjustment feature to allow you to tune the intensity of your workouts. As you expect to use the bike for a long time to come, it only makes sense that you should have the option to increase intensity in response to your increasing fitness. Heart rate monitor A heart rate monitor is used to keep track of fitness levels, and it may be a feature included in your stationary. It helps you keep an eye on the intensity of each workout, so it's a nice feature to have on the bike. Extras The best exercise bikes have a heart rate monitor plus a few other features to help you track such things as distance ridden and calories burned. To keep you entertained during your workouts, some bike come ready with a reading rack and/or headphones to listen to your favorite music.